What to Do If You Have An Emergency

When you have an emergency that can't wait until a more convenient time, call my office number (859) 272-0991. After hours or at lunchtime, persons who call my number are "call-forwarded" to the Lexington Medical Society's answering service or are put through to my answering machine.

No Answer?

If you ever call the office number and there is no answer after many rings, something technical may have gone wrong. If that happens, and only if that happens, call (859) 276-2594, which will put you through to the Lexington Medical Society's answering service.

When I'm gone?

When I am not on call (like when I'm out of town), the answering machine will have the name of another doctor that I've persuaded to take emergency calls for my patients. Since you are a stranger to this substitute, on-duty physician, they are of limited use to you. About the only time it would be appropriate for you to call them would be an urgent medical emergency.

If you ever have a life-threatening emergency and have trouble getting through to me, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.